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Selling, buying & investing in fixer-up type real-estate.



We work with estate heirs, property owners and others who need to liquidate what may be a “problem property.”  Selling a property or home that needs work can be challenging, back taxes, deed/title issues and abandoned ownership are things we see regularly.  


Often times the property may need repairs/renovation, or have other associated problems, that make conventional selling difficult. Often mortgage financing will not be available to buyers. which can be stressful for the owner.  At Better Days Realty, we work to alleviate some of that stress by providing analysis of property and possible solutions to the seller.


One of the ways we can help liquidating a property is to offer an all cash offer. We buy AS-IS and can close almost right away. We handle all paperwork and make things simple. No need to clean up or repair the property is needed.  We work to find a properties value by bringing in buyers or getting a property appraised. 


If we offer one of our properties for sale our goal is to help a family with the opportunity of affordable home ownership.  Finding a buyer willing to put in sweat equity, when given an opportunity to purchase their own place.  Turning old fixer-up and junky type properties into ownership opportunities and dreams. We do this by finding fixer-up properties that need some tender loving care … needing a second chance one might say.  We then match a property to a buyer and assist with processing the sale, which may include lease -to-own options or owner financing.



Over 20 years of working with real estate, ugly, and fixer-upper property in Southeast Texas. Mostly the Hardin County area, specifically Silsbee and surrounding towns. Contact us today so we can begin immediately to help you sell your property, or purchase your own home.

CONTACT US TODAY AT 409-651-9808 OR 214-697-8019

Mobile Homes

Old houses/property that you inherit or no longer want. Many people just think to tear them down.  There are other options!

Old mobile homes are often just left to slowly decay. We have many creative ways to pay you for it.

Land that once had someone living on it can have extra value for you.


Thank you for your help with selling our property. Your instructions to "just pay what you want for my help" was a godsend. Your focus of my needs first, really allowed me to trust you. May you be blessed in your real estate adventures. Enclosed is what we wanted you to have but not forced to pay. Thank you again.

Anne Stanton, Fruitville, ID

"Mr Kenne just wanted to let you know what happened with the property. Told our lawyer about your suggestion and he agreed. He presented the offer and it was accepted. You helped us and after everything's cleared up we'll be free to sale it.”

John Tuner, Fred, TX

“Mr Smith thank you for working with us in buying my dads old place. Understand from his neighbors you had to pull together paperwork to get us a saleable property deed. ”

Ray ___, Conroe, TX

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